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Afternoon Tea

Next Meeting
Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 21st August at the new time of 7.30pm in our new venue, Dechmont Memorial Hall. The hall is close to the primary school on the main street of Dechmont, if you need better directions please let me know.
At the meeting we will be focusing on the Afternoon Tea and asking those who are taking part to have a practice of what they are making on the big day.
Once you’ve signed up to your Afternoon tea items please bring a sample of what you are baking, maybe 15/20 pieces and we will mock up a cake stand and see how it all looks.
However if you’re not able to take part in the Afternoon Tea please come anyway and bake something that you would make if you are having friends round for coffee.
Afternoon Tea
The Afternoon Tea will take place on Saturday 5th October at 2.30pm in the High Church in Bathgate. Tickets cost £7.50 and there will also be a prize draw.
We have selected Cyrenians as our charity – one of their Social Enterprise projects is a farm near Kirknewton that specialises in growing food and growing people. It is home to a residential community of young people who have come from a background of homelessness or other complex needs and provides opportunities for supported day volunteers, work placements, schools and community groups and helps over 90 people annually. Due to reduced funding and weather-related issues such as flooding, they are experiencing some difficult times so we are keen to raise as much money as possible to allow them to continue their good work.

This is going to be a local event, sponsored by a local business (David Stein Butchers) for a local charity and we would be delighted if you were involved.
So now we know where and when we need you to sign up to what (baking and help on the day) you will be willing to contribute.

For Action

Please have a look at the list below, we have chosen fairly traditional afternoon tea items that will show our skill as bakers and hopefully be a real treat for our guests. Although we are asking each baker to make 40 of their chosen item we’re talking about mini, dainty pop in the mouth sized items.
Please email me back to let me know what you would like to bake. I will keep this list updated for you to check what’s left.

West Lothian Bake Club Afternoon Tea
Please select an item from the list below that you feel confident to bake for our Afternoon Tea on Saturday 05 October 2013.

Parmesan Biscuit – 1 Baker required to make 80 = Gillian Brown

Mini Savoury Muffin – 2 Bakers required to make 40 each =

Mini Sausage Roll – 1 Baker required to make 40 = Rose Marsh

Mini Quiche – 1 Baker required to make 40 =

Mini Scone (plain) – 2 Bakers required to make 40 each = Julie Zasada & Eleanor Swan

Mini Scone (fruit/treacle etc) – 2 Bakers required to make 40 each =

Mini Biscuit (eg Shortbread, Viennese Finger, Melting Moment) – 2 Bakers required to make 40 each = Janette Symonds & Jenna Beadle

Traybake (eg Tiffin) – 2 Bakers required to make 40 each = Sheena Cole &

Mini Cupcake – 2 Bakers required to make 40 each = Joanne Cook &

Macaron – 1 Baker required to make 80 = Janice Earl-Summers

Mini Meringue – 2 Bakers required to make 40 each = Sheena Earl &
(ie 2 meringues sandwiched together x 40)

Loaf Cake – 2 Bakers required to make 40 slices each = Jenny Galbraith & Delyth MacDonald
(ie 2-3 loafs per baker)

If you have any questions please get in touch at wlbakingclub@yahoo.co.uk.