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Team Paul vs Team Mary: The Great West Lothian Bake-Off

We gathered at our regular venue in Murieston, in larger numbers than normal, to compete in our very own version of “The Great British Bake-Off”. It would appear that the King Paul vs Queen Mary theme captured the imaginations of several new bake club members – either that or they were there under false pretences and were hopefully not too disappointed when their baking heroes failed to put in an appearance! The theme generated a good amount of healthy competition with a definite sweet/savoury divide in the bakes that were on offer. Chocolate Brownies, French Apricot & Almond Tart and Swiss Roll went head-to-head with Malt Loaf, Italian Layer Loaf and an 8-Plaited Loaf – it appeared that the Queen of Cakes would easily defeat the King of Breads. In the end though, Team Paul pulled-off a shock victory which was most likely down to Joanne’s stunning 8-Plaited Loaf – it looked perfect and it tasted amazing and was easily the most talked about bake of the night, it’s just a shame that the Silver Fox himself wasn’t able to be there in person to enjoy it!
There were further discussions around the proposed Charity Afternoon Tea on Saturday 5th October with some positive feedback from the group regarding the types of items that we would be comfortable baking and the charity that we should represent. Janice has been in on-going “discussions” via Twitter with Tony Singh and he has declared an interest in participating. Since the meeting, Janice has also secured sponsorship of the event from David Stein Butchers in Bathgate. Further details to follow at our next meeting.
Bake surgery generated an interesting discussion around whether or not it is necessary to sieve ingredients, particularly flour, prior to use and the merits of using an expensive brand of chocolate vs the supermarket’s budget range. Janice shared her recent experience of attending a macaron class, whilst Gillian Brown was due to participate in a Patisserie course and will report back on how she got on at the next meeting.
Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 29 May when we will be on “Bakeation” – so have a go at a bake from another country or something that you have enjoyed whilst on holiday. The world is your oyster!
Please see the Facebook page for all the photo’s from the night.

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