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The King, the Queens and a Prince!

We may have been few in numbers on Wednesday day night but we really had a great evening. The regular ladies were joined but not one but 2 men. Well Daniel came with his Mum as he is just a few weeks old but it was lovely to have him there and many of the ladies enjoyed a wee cuddle along with their cake. We were equally as delighted to welcome Rab into our group and we very much hope he enjoyed the evening and will be back to join us again in the future.

Our theme was ‘A Bake fit for the Queen’ which sounded easy but as many of us found was actually quite tricky. Sheena did the best in my opinion as she managed to find a copy of a recipe that the Queen herself enjoys baking ‘ Queen Elizabeth Cake’ although we also had the chocolate biscuit bake which is known to be a royal favourite and was even used as part of William and Kate’s wedding cake.

As always we had fun sharing tips and swapping ideas. Here for your enjoyment is a run down of all the lovely delights;


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