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A Bake Fit for the Queen

The next West Lothian Baking Club event will be held on Wednesday 20th June at 8pm in the Murieston Village Hall, Livingston.

It was decided at the last event that our theme would be a Bake Fit for the Queen. I hope that you are feeling inspired after all the celebrations over the weekend.

Please email WLBakingCLub@yahoo.co.uk to reserve a place and let us know by Friday 15th June what you are baking. I will update the website with a list of attendees and their bakes as I have them. We will aim to keep the numbers at around 20 so that there is plenty of opportunity to chat and get to know one another. Please note that as we pay £20 for the hire of the hall there will be a cost of £1 to £2 per person payable on the evening.

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