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The First Meeting…

Wednesday 8th February

8pm to 9.30pm

Murieston Village Hall

The theme is ‘Family Favourites’ and everyone should bring a baked item; sweet or savoury. This is a really broad theme so that hopefully everyone should have something in their baking repertoire that all the family love and that can be shared at the Baking Club.

Bakers Note: West Lothian Baking Club is for fun and welcomes the beginner through to the more experienced baker no-one should feel that they’re not good enough. If your cake turns out a bit burnt or your pastry has a soggy bottom bring it anyway and I can assure you it will still be eaten!

Joining us are;

Gillian Brown – mediterranean scones

Morag Nicholson – Marmalade Tea Bread

Eleanor Swan – Banana and Choc Chip Loaf

Carol Hallsey – Chocolate Cake

Emma Lander – pear, hazelnut & chocolate cake

Gillian de Felice – White cloud cupcakes

Sarah Stewart. – raspberry & blueberry frangipani

Louise Fulton – Raspberry Trifle Cupcakes

Lea Harris – pork pie

Christine Turnbull – Lemon Drizzle Cake

Julie Zasada – Chocolate Brownies

Tracy Thomson – canapés

Claire Purves – chocolate cupcakes

Aron Moore – empire biscuits

Joanne Cook – red velvet cupcakes.

Ailsa Forgie – Victoria Sponge

Pamela Tod – Butterfly cakes

Please let me know by Fri 3rd February what you plan to bake and I will update this list.

If you have any questions please email however please note I will have limited access to email/internet from Friday 27th Jan thru to Fri 3rd Feb as I am off to sunnier shores for a week!

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